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トール | 318


トール | 318 

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辉 / 芽@・ω・


/ 芽@・ω・


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even Kyubey has his limits

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もうTetrisしかないじゃない - We Have No Choice but to Die!
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Back from hiatus 2 - gif making and stuff

So. I know a big part of my followers started following me because of my gifs. And despite there having been a time when I just didn’t have the time, I do love making them. So I’m now gonna get back to that. The one and only problem being I’m not exactly sure what from this season I’m going to concentrate my efforts on. There just isn’t anything I’m enjoying as ridiculously much as Railgun S back in the Spring season.

What I’m enjoying the most this season would actually be Kill la KIll, of which there are just so many gifs around I only plan on doing the occasional more elaborated set, and then Little Busters, which is proving to be a better adaptation than what I expected based on the first season.

I plan on making some (probably a lot of, starting tomorrow) gifs out of the PMMM camrip, and I’ll pick Little Busters as my show of choice to gif this season. Still, I’m open to suggestions and requests as always (though no one as actually suggest anything, so I wonder about the point of even saying this). So.. any suggestions besides this?

Nov 30th

Back from hiatus - Quick reflections on Rebellion

Well. Here’s the thing. I’m gonna be honest and say it was almost an excuse to dedicate myself to college and all since I did end up getting spoiled on PMMM before watching the movie anyway. Although thankfully I did manage to go to Paris and watch the thing in theatres.

Writing somewhat of a review isn’t exactly anything more than a timewaster, considering how many review and summaries are around at this moment, along with a subbed camrip of all things so I’ll just leave my quick thoughts on Rebellion and a photo here.

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New license - can you guess what it is? →


We have an all new manga license! Can you guess what it is?


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TO MY FOLLOWERS: I’m going to be on a hiatus starting today until November 22nd. The reason couldn’t be any more simple: I’m flying to Paris to watch the PMMM movie and I want to avoid absolutely all spoilers until then, so I’m keeping myself out of all online places where I could possibly get spoiled. tumblr being one of them.

So… to make up for that have some Kyubey gifs from the trailers. Like. The same one. But no one cares. Kyubey is a trolling existence by nature. I’m really curious to see what he has on store this time and what this scene is all about, as well as… well, what’s up with all the contradictory info the trailers have revealed so far. I’m way too excited to watch this in the theatres.